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This web site is managed by Paola Kathuria. Use this form to contact her or mail webmaster@ppig.org.

Image sources

 PPIG Owl by William Rudling (1999)

PPIG web site history

Feb 1995 Created by Paola Kathuria
1995-1996 Maintained by Paola Kathuria (hosted by U-Net)
Dec 1996 Redesigned by Paola Kathuria
1996-2002 Maintained by Paola Kathuria (hosted by Limitless)
Dec 2002 Recreated by Paola Kathuria
2002-2014 Maintained by Lindsay Marshall (hosted by Lindsay)
Mar 2015 Recreated in Drupal by Paola Kathuria
since 2015 Maintained by Paola Kathuria

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