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Human Technology

The online journal "Human Technology" has just published a special issue containing last year's best PPIG papers.

The papers were selected based on the original PPIG reviews; after the workshop, the selected papers were re-reviewed and improved for publication in the journal. The special issue contains the following five papers:

Slips in Programmer Practice

Not so long ago a question was asked on the discussion forum as to whether anyone had any references regarding the topic of 'slips in programmer practice'.

Below represents a tiny bibliography of papers that are related to this topic. Perhaps it could be useful for anyone who is interested in probing this particularly interesting topic which crosses into the arena of software engineering (and programming in the large) as well as individual programmer performance.

A brief overview of theories of learning to program



There is a wide variation in the ability of students to learn to program, and 'there is a need to understand the fundamental causes that make [advanced] learners different from others, and the same applies for those students who fail to understand even the basics of the subject' (Mancy & Reid, 2004, p. ii).

Bibliographies: Models of Programming

By Chris Douce

This column presents a 'snapshot' of my journey through some psychology of programming (and other!) literature. At the same time that this journey was unfolding, there were others occurring simultaneously. If you so feel inclined, please tell us yours!

Psychology Texts

By Derek Jones

What psychology books should somebody new to the psychology of programming read? The following list briefly reviews books that I found to be useful:

  • Cognitive Psychology and its Implications by J. R. Anderson
    ISBN 0-7167-3678-0

A very readable book now in its fifth edition. Let down by a poor index (and some of the references appear to be inaccurate).

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