conference report

A write-up or report of a past conference or workshop. May be written, photographic or both.

PPIG WIP 2007 Report

January 4-5 2007
Informatics Research Institute, University of Salford, UK

Several of participants of event have taken the time to describe their presentations and tell us what they gained from the WIP workshop.

During PPIG-WIP, a session entitled 'Critical Thinking in Research' was hosted by Marian Petre and Judith Segal (with significant contributions by Thomas Green). A number of the issues raised following the presentations were discussed.

PPIG WIP 2006 Report

Unroll Your Ideas: a work-in-progress meeting of the Psychology of Programming Interest Group

January 12-13 2006
Coventry School of Art and Design, Coventry University, UK

This was a fascinating and very lively SmallPig workshop. There were a large proportion of participants new to PPIG, yet the ethos of a PPIG workshop, with its focus on lively constructive discussion, was achieved.

Ethnographies of Code Workshop Report

by John Rooksby

Ethnographies of Code - Lived work of Computer Programming

March 30-31 2006
University of Lancaster, UK

The Ethnographies of Code workshop was held at Lancaster University on the 30th and 31st of March 2006. It attracted about fifty participants, and featured sixteen full papers and eight position papers. It was a very international affair, and featured a good mix of computer scientists, sociologists, psychologists and philosophers. The proceedings of the workshop are published.

ITiCSE 2006 Report

by Ramanee Peiris

A very warm end of June in the beautiful city of Bologna was the setting for the ACM-SIGCSE ITiCSE 2006 conference. Over 200 delegates enjoyed the food, wine and a range of presentations covering Computer Science Education, under the heading Freedom in Teaching Computer Science.

Research on End-User Software Engineering at CHI'06

CHI'06 was a great conference for people interested in end-user programming, end-user software engineering, and human aspects of programming. There were a number of excellent papers relevant to this area, and the WEUSE II Workshop (Workshop on End-User Software Engineering) held at CHI was also a big success.

An extended browse of the CHI proceedings, including at least these programming-related papers, is recommended:

PPIG 2005 Report

by Edgar Chaparro

The 17th Annual Workshop of Psychology of Programming took place in Brighton, a lovely city in the south-east of England. The papers ranged from keynote talks through technical papers, to 'work in progress' papers that described a great range of exciting projects

Ken Kahn was the first keynote. He gave a very interactive talk, which discussed the trade-offs of concretising computational abstractions in children's programming environments.

PPIG WIP 2004 Report

Work-in-Progress PPIG Workshop

December 15-16 2004
University of Nottingham, UK

Review by Eileen Doyle

The first workshop for Unroll Your Ideas took place in the University of Nottingham. The workshop comprised four sessions, during which fifteen research ideas were presented, covering areas such as extreme programming, empirical modelling and teaching and learning computer science.

PPIG 2004 Report

By Chris Douce Feedback Instruments, UK.

5-7 April 2004, Institute of Technology, Carlow, Ireland.

PPIG 2003 Report

8-10 April 2003, University of Keele, UK.

PPIG 2003 was co-located with EASE this year in the very pleasant surroundings of Keele University. The papers ranged from keynote talks through full technical papers, to 'work-in-progress' papers that described an exciting array of current work.

Chris Hundhausen gave the first keynote speech of the workshop. He described his work on ALVIS: an ALgorithm VIsualization Storyboarder, and the empirical studies that underpinned its development.

Workshop reviews

Human Centric Computing Languages and Environments (HCC) and Empirical Studies of Programmers (ESP)

2-6 September 2002, Arlington, VA

By Marian Petre

The good news is that 'ESP is back' - this time as one of three symposia at Human Centric Computing Languages and Environments (formerly Visual Languages), an IEEE-sponsored conference.


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