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PPIG 2010

22nd Annual Workshop

19th - 21stSeptember 2010

University Carlos III of Madrid


Papers marked with "[PDF]" are available as PDF files to be printed and read for personal use. Use the free [off-site] Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the files. COPYRIGHT IS RETAINED BY THE AUTHORS IN ALL CASES; none of this material should be reproduced without permission from the author.


  1. Gender HCI and Programming
    Margaret Burnett
    Oregon State University

Usability Issues in Programming Languages and Tools

  1. Liveness in Notation Use: From Music to Programming [PDF] (37K)
    Luke Church, Chris Nash, and Alan F. Blackwell
    Cambridge University
  2. Usability Requirements of User Interface Tools [PDF] (264K)
    Catherine Letondal, Stéphane Chatty, W. Greg Phillips, Fabien André and Stéphane Conversy
  3. A Cognitive Neuroscience Perspective on Memory for Programming Tasks [PDF] (264K)
    Chris Parnin
    Georgia Tech Institute of Technology
  4. Perceived Self-Efficacy and APIs [PDF] (264K)
    John M. Daughtry and John M. Carroll
    The Pennsylvania State University

Teaching and Learning Programming

  1. WIP | Enhancing Comprehension by Using Random Access Memory (RAM) Diagrams in Teaching Programming: Class Experiment [PDF] (37K)
    Leonard J. Mselle
    The University of Dodoma, Tanzania
  2. WIP | Evaluating Scratch to Introduce Younger Schoolchildren to Programming [PDF] (264K)
    Amanda Wilson and David C. Moffat
    Glasgow Caledonian University
  3. WIP | Studentsí Early Attitudes and Possible Misconceptions about Programming [PDF] (264K)
    David C. Moffat
    Georgia Tech Institute of Technology
  4. Characterizing Comprehension of Concurrency Concepts [PDF] (264K)
    Zhen Li, Zhe Zhao, and Eileen Kraemer
    University of Georgia
  5. The Construction of the Concept of Binary Search Algorithm [PDF] (264K)
    Sylvia da Rosa
    Universidad de la Republica, Montevideo, Uruguay
  6. Teaching Novice Programmers Programming Wisdom [PDF] (264K)
    Randy M. Kaplan
    Kutztown University of Pennsylvania

Software Engineers and Practice

  1. Project Kick-off with Distributed Pair Programming [PDF] (37K)
    Edna Rosen, Stephan Salinger, and Christopher Oezbek
    Freie Universität Berlin
  2. The use of MBTI in Software Engineering [PDF] (264K)
    Rien Sach, Marian Petre, and Helen Sharp
    Open University
  3. WIP | Confirmation Bias in Software Development and Testing: An Analysis of the Effects of Company Size, Experience and Reasoning Skills [PDF] (264K)
    Gul Calikli, Berna Arslan, and Ayse Bener
    Bogazici University, Turkey
  4. WIP | Enhancing User-Centredness in Agile Teams: A Study on Programmer's Values for a better Understanding on how to Position Usability Methods in XP [PDF] (264K)
    Michael Leitner, Peter Wolkerstorfer, Arjan Geven, and Manfred Tscheligi
    Center for Usability Research & Engineering

End-User Programming

  1. A Logical Mind, not a Programming Mind: Psychology of a Professional End-User [PDF] (37K)
    Alan F. Blackwell and Cecily Morrison
    Cambridge University
  2. Empirically-Observed End-User Programming Behaviors in Yahoo! Pipes [PDF] (264K)
    Matthew D. Dinmore and C. Curtis Boylls
    Johns Hopkins University
  3. Bricolage Programming in the Creative Arts [PDF] (264K)
    Alex McLean and Geraint Wiggins
    University of London

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