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Student Workshop

Student Workshop

27-29 September 1996

Loughborough University, UK


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Fri, 27 September 1996

Welcome Address

Pioneering a New Opportunity
Ray Dawson

Invited Presentation   Chair: Ray Dawson

  1. Automated software understanding and its application to tutoring novices
    Dr Diana Bental


Programming Environments   Chair: Ray Dawson

  1. Which way up is your editor?
    Gada Kadoda
  2. Cognitive Dimensions of NOPS: An Environment for Object-Oriented Learning
    Mark Ireland


Sat, 28 September 1996

Graphics and Cognition   Chair: Diana Bental

  1. Chasing the Intuition of an Industry: Can Pictures Really Help Us Think? [off-site] [read]
    Alan Blackwell
  2. Pictorial Aids in Computer Use
    Raquel Navarro
  3. Hidden Contexts in Object-Oriented Diagrams: Does familiarity breed contempt?
    Ron Newsham


Invited Presentation:   Chair: Ron Newsham

  1. Sex and Violence
    Tony Clarke

Empirical Studies   Chair: Ron Newsham

  1. Teaching C Pointers to Novice Programmers using an ITS: An Empirical Study
    Bunny J. Tjaden


Sightseeing Trip

Programming Paradigms   Chair: Pat Fung

  1. Spreadsheets and Programming
    Dominic Gehring
  2. Design Strategies in Concurrent Programming
    Charles W. Kann
  3. Languages and Paradigms - Some Topics to Discuss
    Andreas Harnack


Sun, 29 September 1996

Invited Presentation   Chair: Charles W. Kann

  1. Student modelling: some issues, some answers, but even more questions
    Dr Pat Fung

Industrial Psychology of Programming Issues   Chair: Charles W. Kann

  1. Gaining Acceptance of Software Whole Life Cost by IT Staff
    Malcolm Bradley


Invited Tutorial

Experience a typical hour in the life of a professional programmer
Alan Blackwell & Helen Arnold


Visualisation 1   Chair: Bunny J. Tjaden

  1. Non-Visual Visual Programming: Graphical Programming for Blind Programmers
    David Bennett
  2. Building Program Metaphors
    Damien Ploix


Visualisation 2   Chair: Gada Kadoda

  1. The Visualization of Genetic Algorithms - Design Survey
    Trevor Collins

Software Design Processes   Chair: Gada Kadoda

  1. A Pragmatic View of Software Design Activities and the Implications for Tool Support
    Georgios P. Iliadis

Closing Session

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