PPIG 1992 - 4th Annual Workshop

Teaching and Learning Programming, Software Development Tools, CASE
2 Jan 1992 to 4 Jan 1992
Loughborough University of Technology

Workshop papers

Type Title Authors PDF
ACE - An Application Construction Environment Craig L. Zarmer; Bonnie Nardi; Jeff Johnson; James R. Miller [PDF]
Keynote Addressing the psychology of programming in programming language design Brigham Bell; Wayne Citrin; Clayton Lewis; John Rieman; Robert Weaver; Nick Wilde; Benjamin Zorn [PDF]
An analysis of novice programmers learning a second language Jean Scholtz; Susan Wiedenbeck [PDF]
An information management model of program debugger design and its application to parallel logic languages Mike Brayshaw
GPT's preparation of students for programming in the real world Ray Dawson [PDF]
How to support the work of designers through the presentation of appropriate information David Budgen
Learning from worked examples Judith Segal
Possible extensons to the Byrd Box tracer airned at experts Kristina Hook; Annika Waem; Helen Pain [PDF]
Programming in the Real World: Computer Science students' perceptions of the values and difficulties of learning formal methods Tim O'Shea; Pat Fung; Richard Bornat; S. Reeves; D. Goldson [PDF]
Restricting manipulations within a device space: Effects upon strategy, errors and display-based problem solving Simon Davies [PDF]
Some thoughts on designing an intelligent system for discovery programming Haider Ali Ramadhan [PDF]
Teaching formal software engineering at Loughborough Roger G. Stone; John Cooke [PDF]
Text vs grahics in Prolog tracers Mukesh J. Patel; Chris Taylor; Benedict du Boulay [PDF]
The Design and Application of Visually-Oriented Tools for the Use During Software Development Caroline Humphries [PDF]
The interpretation of states: a new foundation for computation? Meurig Beynon; Steve Russ
Visual programming & visualisation of program execution in Prolog Simon Holland [PDF]