PPIG 1996 - 8th Annual Workshop

10 Apr 1996 to 12 Apr 1996
KaHo Sint Lieven, Campus Rabot, Ghent

Workshop papers

Type Title Authors
A theoretical framework for studying OO program comprehension Françoise Détienne; Jean-Marie Burkhardt; Susan Wiedenbeck
CAMUS: A Cognitive Model for Reverse Engineering-Bases Program Analysis Philip Vanneste; Koen Bertels; Bart De Decker
Cognitive Dimensions of PrologSpace Lindsey Ford
Comprehension and documentation of Smalltalk Class Libraries Isabelle Borne
Concepts and Methodologies for Knowledge-Based Program Understander ALPUS Ueno Haruki
Data Model Comprehension: An Experiment with 3 Graphic Styles Joan Norbotten; Martha Crosby
Experiences teaching a first programming language at GPT Ray Dawson; Ron Newsham
Further Investigations into the transfer effect of moving from procedural to logic programming Babak Khazaei; Jawed Siddiqi; Andreas Harnack; Rick Osborn; C Roast
Goals and plans in spreadsheets and other programming tools Jorma Sajaniemi; Markku Tukiainen
Intelligent Support for Program Development Navrat Pavol; Maria Bielikova; Igor Koziak; Viera Rozinajova; Maria Smolarova
Knowledge about working strategies and errors in software professionals: Effects of expertise and experience Sabine Sonnentag
Metaphor or Analogy: how should we see programming abstractions Alan F. Blackwell
Work in Progress Moving programming teaching onto the Internet Marian Petre; Blaine Price; Linda Carswell
Keynote Programming skills, visual layout design, and unjustifiably useful testing: Three reports in the psychology of programming Steve Draper
Searching for Examples: An Evaluation of an Intermediate Description Language for a Techniques Editor Paul Brna; Judith Good
The Learning Psychology of Visual Programming for Object Orientation Mark Ireland; Roger G. Stone; Ray Dawson
The organisation of professional operative knowledge: goal-oriented categorisations Willemien Visser; Laurence Perron
The Role of External Information Sources in Computer Programming - A Framework for Understanding Programming Strategies Simon Davies
Visual Machines and Program Comprehension Josh D. Tenenberg
Keynote What is the knowledge that knowledge based programming is based on?: An analysis Pavol Navrat