PPIG 1997 Programme


  • Understanding Programming: The terrain, the trails and the summits
    David Gilmore Nottingham, UK

Educational Issues

  • So You Learned to Program at University. No Wonder the Software is Late
    R. J. Dawson Loughborough, UK R. W. Newsham Derby, UK
  • A Survey of Empirical Studies of Prolog Programming and the Transfer Effect
    Babak Khazaei Wolverhampton, UK
  • The Internet Software Visualization Laboratory
    John Domingue & Paul Mulholland Open University, UK

Specification Issues

  • The Purpose of Specification
    R. G. Stone & D. J. Cooke Loughborough, UK
  • Graphical Z Specification
    Nam Yap and Mike Holcombe Sheffield University, UK
  • Cognitive Dimensions Applied to Modifiability within an Integrated Prototyping Environment
    Chris Roast & Mehmet Ozcan Sheffield Hallam, UK

The Programming Environment

  • Using Software Visualization Technology to Help Genetic Algorithm Designers
    Trevor Collins Open University, UK
  • Hidden Contexts in Object-Oriented Diagrams: Does Familiarity Breed Contempt
    Ron Newsham Derby, UK
  • A Small Battle with POP Guns: Simulating a Programming Project
    A. Blackwell & H. L. Arnold MRC APU, Cambridge, UK

PPIG administration meeting


  • How design notations warp our understanding of systems design
    Graham Pratten (formerly ICL)

The Wider View

  • Some Problems with Context in Formal Reasoning
    Judith Segal Surrey, UK
  • Should Organisations View Process-Centred Approaches as Panaceas for Managing Software Development?
    Jawed Siddiqi & Andy Bissett Sheffield Hallam, UK
  • Natural and Cultural Pre-dispositions
    Rick Osborn Sheffield Hallam, UK

Afternoon walk in the Peak District followed by meal and a sampling of the local hostelries.

Social evening including Ceilidh and quiz.


  • What's the use of it all?
    Nigel Birch Human Factors, EPSRC
  • What is the impact of individual student differences in providing strategies to teach introductory programming
    Linda Carswell Open University, UK

Panel Discussion

Future Directions for the Pyschology of Programming
Babak Khazaei (chair), Thomas Green, Frank Wales, Jawed Siddiqi

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