PPIG 2001 Programme

PhD Students Discussion Session

How to write PhDs Alan Blackwell (Chair), Maria Kutar, Thomas Green Dinner followed by a treasure hunt Welcome Richard Wynne Head of the School of Design, Engineering and Computing, Bournemouth University


  1. Developing Software as a Human, Social & Organizational Activity Liam Bannon University of Limerick

Distance Learning

  1. The Coach - Supporting students in the area of error reports Carina Paine The Open University
  2. Observations of student working practices in an online distance education learning environment in relation to time Kit Logan & Pete Thomas The Open University

Morning Coffee Break

Collaborative Software Development

  1. A Study of Human Solutions in eXtreme Programming Robert Gittins & Sian Hope University of Wales Bangor
  2. A phenomenographic view on the socio-cultural activity theory in research concerning university students' learning of computer science in an internationally distributed environment Anders Berglund Uppsala University
  3. Team Performance Factors in Distributed Collaborative Software Development Martha Hause and Mark R. Woodroffe The Open University


Discussion Panel

Psychology of Programming meets Software Engineering Martin Shepperd Bournemouth University Marc Roper University of Strathclyde Marian Petre The Open University Gary Olson University of Michigan Afternoon Coffee Break

Programming Languages Designs

  1. Designing a Programming Language for Home Automation Alan Blackwell & Rob Hague University of Cambridge
  2. The Science of Web-Programming Roger Stone Loughborough University
  3. Native-End User Languages: A Design Framework Basawaraj Patil, Klaus Maetzel & Erich J. Neuhold German National Research Centre for Information Technology

Workshop Dinner followed by music and dancing.


  1. Round-the-World Software Development: Prospects and Perils Gary Olson University of Michigan

Software Comprehension

  1. An Open-Source Analysis Schema for Identifying Software Comprehension Processes Michael P. O'Brien Limerick Institute of Technology Teresa M. Shaft University of Oklahoma Jim Buckley University of Limerick
  2. Long Term Comprehension of Software Systems: A Methodology for Study Chris Douce Feedback Instruments

Morning Coffee Break

Problem Comprehension

  1. Human and "human-like" type explanations Jun Yang, Greg Michaelson & Phil Trinder Heriot-Watt University
  2. Some Evidence for Graphical Readership, Paradigm Preference, and the Match-Mismatch Conjecture in Graphical Programs Jarinee Chattratichart & Jasna Kuljis Brunel University
  3. The Model Matters: Constructing and Reasoning with Heterarchical Structural Models Dan Diaper Bournemouth University


Computer Science Education 1

  1. Research Agenda for Computer Science Education Christian Holmboe University of Oslo Linda McIver Monash University Carlisle George Middlesex University
  2. Salvation for Bricoleurs Tzippora Yeshno & Mordechai Ben-Ari Weizmann Institute of Science

Afternoon Coffee Break

Computer Science Education 2

  1. The Application of reflective Practitioner to Software Engineering Orit Hazzan Israel Institute of Technology
  2. "It's just like the whole picture, but smaller": Expressions of gradualism, self-similarity, and other pre-conceptions while classifying recursive phenomena Dalit Levy, Tami Lapidot & Tamar Paz Israel Institute of Technology

Dinner Quiz Night

Cognitive Dimensions

  1. Cognitive Dimensions Profiles: A Cautionary Tale Carol Britton & Maria Kutar Hertfordshire University
  2. Evaluation of the Cognitive Dimensions Questionnaire and Some Thoughts about the Cognitive Dimensions of Spreadsheet Calculation Markku Tukiainen University of Joensuu
  3. Evaluating a new programming language Steven Clarke Microsoft Corporation

Morning Coffee Break

Formal Representations

  1. The Usability of Formal Specification Representations Babak Khazaei & Chris Roast Sheffield Hallam University
  2. Using a Graphical Design Tool for Formal Specification Colin Snook & Michael Butler University of Southampton

Discussion session & PPIG Business Lunch

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