PPIG 2002 - 14th Annual Workshop

18 Jun 2002 to 21 Jun 2002
Brunel University, London

Workshop papers

Type Title Authors PDF
A Comparison of Empirical Study and Cognitive Dimensions Analysis in the Evaluation of UML Diagrams Maria Kutar; Carol Britton; Trevor Barker [PDF]
A Study of Usability of Z Formalism Based on Cognitive Dimensions Emma Triffitt; Babak Khazaei [PDF]
Keynote Arenas of Interest in Designing a Notation: How Far do Cognitive Dimensions Go? Thomas R.G. Green
Class Libraries: A Challenge for Programming Usability Research Kerry Rodden; Alan F. Blackwell [PDF]
Dimension Driven Re-Design - Applying Systematic Dimensional Analysis C Roast [PDF]
Evaluating Languages and Environments for Novice Programmers Linda McIver [PDF]
HASTI: A Lightweight Framework for Cognitive Reengineering Analysis Andrew Walenstein [PDF]
Learning Styles in Distance Education Students Learning to Program Kit Logan; Peter G. Thomas [PDF]
Making the Analogy: Alternative Delivery Techniques for First Year Programming Courses Enda Dunican [PDF]
Modelling Software Organisations David Hales; Chris R. Douce [PDF]
On Concurrency in Educational Software Authoring Systems Jan Erik Moström; David A. Carr [PDF]
Patterns for HCI and Cognitive Dimensions: Two Halves of the Same Story? Sally Fincher [PDF]
Programming Aptitude Testing as a Prediction of Learning to Program Markku Tukiainen; Eero Mönkkönen [PDF]
Revitalising Old Thoughts: Class diagrams in Light of the Early Wittgenstein Christian Holmboe [PDF]
Keynote Side-Effects Considered Harmful (but Rendered Harmless) Mark Harman
Softening the Complexity of Intelligent Systems Programming Simon Lynch [PDF]
Keynote Supporting Collaborative Design: Current Research Issues Françoise Détienne
The Misplaced Comma: Programmers' Tales and Traditions Lindsay Marshall; Jim Webber [PDF]
The Roles Beacons Play in Comprehension for Novice and Expert Programmers Martha Crosby; Jean Scholtz; Susan Wiedenbeck [PDF]
Visualizing Roles of Variables to Novice Programmers Jorma Sajaniemi [PDF]
What is Programming? Alan F. Blackwell [PDF]