PPIG 2006 Programme

Thu, 7 September 2006

Learning Programming (joint session with VL/HCC)  

  • A Competence Model for Object-Interaction in Introductory Programming Jens Bennedsen & Carsten Schulte
  • Subsetability as a New Cognitive Dimension? Robert M. Dondero, Jr. & Susan Wiedenbeck
  • Threshold for the Introduction of Programming: Providing Learners with a Simple Computer Model Joseph T. Khalife
  • The Effect of Using Problem-Solving Tutors on the Self-Confidence of Students Amruth N Kumar
  • Teaching Programming: Going beyond "Objects First" Jorma Sajaniemi & Chenglie Hu
  • Why Don't They Do What We Want Them to Do Shmuel Schwarz & Mordechai Ben-Ari



  • The Hindsight Saga Thomas Green Dept of Computer Science, University of Leeds

Afternoon Tea

Abstraction and metaphor  

  • Metaphors we Program By: Space, Action and Society in Java Alan F. Blackwell
  • Testing Programming Aptitude Saeed Dehnadi
  • An Experiment on the Effects of Program Code Highlighting on Visual Search for Local Patterns Tuomas Hakala, Pekka Nykyri & Jorma Sajaniemi
  • Cognitive Perspectives on the Role of Naming in Computer Programs Ben Liblit, Andrew Begel & Eve Sweetser
  • Program Visualization: Comparing Eye-Tracking Patterns with Comprehension Summaries Roman Bednarik
  • Abstraction levels in editing programs John C G Sturdy

Dinner and Petanque on Brighton Beach

Fri, 8 September 2006

Collaboration in Software Development  

  • Users' participation to the design process in a Free Open Source Software online community Flore Barcellini, Françoise Détienne & Jean-Marie Burkhardt
  • Towards understanding Source and Configuration Management tools as a method of introducing learners to the culture of software development Aidan Delaney
  • Challenges, Motivations, and Success Factors in the Creation of Hurricane Katrina "Person Locator" Web Sites Christopher Scaffidi, Brad Myers & Mary Shaw
  • Comparing API Design Choices with Usability Studies: A Case Study and Future Directions Jeffrey Stylos, Steven Clarke & Brad Myers
  • The Development Designer Perspective Brent White & Lynn Rampoldi-Hnilo

Morning Tea


  • Simplifying Software Rachel K.E. Bellamy IBM T.J. Watson Research Center


Qualitative Enquiry  

  • Stories from the Mobile Workplace: An Emerging Narrative Ethnography J. Hunt, P. Romero & J. Good
  • Empirically Refining a Model of Programmers' Information-Seeking Behavior during Software Maintenance Jim Buckley, Michael P. O'Brien & Norah Power
  • Initial Experiences of Using Grounded Theory Research in Computer Programming Education Enda Dunican
  • Reading as an Ordinary and Available Skill in Computer Programming John Rooksby, David Martin & Mark Rouncefield


  • Design Thinking David Gilmore Intel Corporation

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