PPIG 2012 - 24th Annual Workshop

21 Nov 2012 to 23 Nov 2012
London Metropolitan University

Workshop papers

Title Authors PDF
A Field Experiment on Gamification of Code Quality in Agile Development Christian R. Prause; Jan Nonnen; Mark Vinkovits [PDF]
A Study about Students’ Knowledge of Inductive Structures Sylvia da Rosa; Alejandro Chmiel [PDF]
Computer Anxiety and the Big Five Sarah J. Crabbe; Peter Andras [PDF]
Conducting Field Studies in Software Engineering: An Experience Report Rebecca Yates [PDF]
Evaluating application programming interfaces as communication artefacts Luiz Marques Afonso; Renato F. de G. Cerqueira; Clarisse Sieckenius de Souza [PDF]
Evaluation of Subject-Specific Heuristics for Initial Learning Environments: A Pilot Study Fraser McKay; Michael Kölling [PDF]
Exploring the design of compiler feedback Thibault Raffaillac [PDF]
Gaze Evidence for Different Activities in Program Understanding Kshitij Sharma; Patrick Jermann; Marc-Antoine Nussli; Pierre Dillenbourg [PDF]
In search of practitioner perspectives on ‘good code’ Gail Ollis [PDF]
Investigating the role of programmers’ peripheral vision: a gaze-contingent tool and an experiment proposal Roman Bednarik; Paul A. Orlov [PDF]
Learning Programming by using Memory Transfer Language (MTL) without the Intervention of an Instructor Leonard J. Mselle [PDF]
Observing Mental Models in Novice Programmers Richard Bornat; Saeed Dehnadi; David Barton [PDF]
Schema Detection and Beacon-Based Classification for Algorithm Recognition Ahmad Taherkhani [PDF]
Sketching by Programming in the Choreographic Language Agent Luke Church; Nick Rothwell; Marc Downie; Scott DeLahunta; Alan F. Blackwell [PDF]
Some Reflections on Knowledge Representation in the Semantic Web John Kirby [PDF]
Teaching Novices Programming Using a Robot Simulator: Case Study Protocol Louis Major; Theocharis Kyriacou; Pearl Brereton [PDF]
Thrashing, Tolerating and Compromising in Software Development Tamara Lopez; Marian Petre; Bashar Nuseibeh [PDF]