PPIG 2015 - 26th Annual Workshop

15 Jul 2015 to 17 Jul 2015

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Workshop papers

Type Title Authors PDF
An empirical investigation of code completion usage by professional software developers Mariana Mărășoiu; Luke Church; Alan F. Blackwell [PDF]
Doctoral Consortium Analysing Java Identifier Names in the Wild Simon Butler [PDF]
Confidence, command, complexity: metamodels for structured interaction with machine intelligence Advait Sarkar [PDF]
BU Invited Talk Engineering of Software-based Motivation as a Supplementary Requirement Raian Ali
Evaluation of Mental Workload and Familiarity in Human Computer Interaction with Integrated Development Environments using Single-Channel EEG Shahin Rostami; Alex Shenfield; Stephen Sigurnjak; Oluwatoyin Fakorede [PDF]
Work in Progress Harmonious Authorship from Different Representations Antranig Basman; Colin Clark; Clayton Lewis [PDF]
Doctoral Consortium Improving Readability of Automatically Generated Unit Tests Ermira Daka [PDF]
Work in Progress Intuitive NUIs for Speech Editing of Structured Content Marina Isaac; Eckhard Pflugel; Gordon Hunter; James Denholm-Price [PDF]
BU Invited Talk On the Engineering of Addiction-aware Software Raian Ali
Keynote Tales from the Workshops: A sequence of vignettes, episodes, observations, and reflections on many years of trying to teach people programming Russel Winder [PDF]
The construction of knowledge of basic algorithms and data structures by novice learners Sylvia da Rosa [PDF]
Keynote The dream of a lifetime: an opportunity to shape how our children learn computing Simon Peyton Jones [PDF]
The impact of syntax colouring on program comprehension Advait Sarkar [PDF]
The impact of Syntax Highlighting in Sonic Pi Giovanna Maria Dimitri [PDF]
Doctoral Consortium Understanding code quality for introductory courses Martijn Stegeman [PDF]
Doctoral Consortium What are the characteristics of programming as a Threshold Concept in different populations (age groups)? Peter Hoskins