PPIG 2017 - 28th Annual Workshop

1 Jul 2017 to 3 Jul 2017

Workshop papers

Type Title Authors PDF
A Systematic Literature Review of Cognitive Dimensions Mohammad Hadhrawi; Alan F. Blackwell; Luke Church [PDF]
Doctoral Consortium Applying Asynchronous Gaze Sharing and Social Navigation for Problem Solving Principles in an Programming Environment Fabian Deitelhoff [PDF]
Doctoral Consortium Block-based languages for professionals Robert Holwerda [PDF]
Code as Art - Art as Code: On the Use of Poetry and Paintings in Programming Education Felienne Hermans [PDF]
Doctoral Consortium Developing a Systematic Approach to Evaluate the Usability of Security APIs Chamila Wijayarathna [PDF]
Digital Makers: Ownership, Personalisation and Purpose Chris Martin; Janet Hughes [PDF]
Dynamic Translation of Spreadsheet Formulas to Problem Domain Narratives Bennett Kankuzi [PDF]
Finding Patterns in Visualizations of Programs Cătălin F. Perțicaș; Bipin Indurkhya; Răzvan V. Florian; Lehel Csató [PDF]
H.I.D.E.: A Virtual Reality Debugging Environment Nicolas Slack; Kate Howland [PDF]
If What We Made Were Real Antranig Basman [PDF]
Investigating high-achieving students’ code-writing abilities through the SOLO taxonomy Ayman Qahmash; Mike Joy; Adam Boddison [PDF]
Methods in user oriented design of programming languages Clayton Lewis [PDF]
Naming Guidelines for Professional Programmers Peter Hilton; Felienne Hermans [PDF]
On the Nature of Programmer Expertise Chris Parnin; Janet Siegmund; Norman Peitek [PDF]
Doctoral Consortium Problem-Solving Applications in Developer Environments Nicholas Nelson [PDF]
Programming Education to Preschoolers: Reflections and Observations from a Field Study Alaaeddin Swidan; Felienne Hermans [PDF]
Scores & Scripts — a Bestiary of Intents Luke Church; Joana Chicau [PDF]
Sprego, End-user Programming in Spreadsheets Maria Csernoch; Piroska Biró [PDF]
The role of the cognitive style in improving the learning to program Margherita Pasini; Ugo Solitro; Margherita Brondino; Daniela Raccanello [PDF]
Tica: An environment for exploring tangible vs. screen-based programming John Wilkie; Judith Good [PDF]
Towards an IDE to Support Programming as Problem-Solving Nicholas Nelson; Anita Sarma; André van der Hoek [PDF]
Towards Webcam-based Eye Tracking in the Eclipse IDE Sebastian Lohmeier [PDF]
User experiences in a visual analytics business Mariana Mărășoiu; Alan F. Blackwell [PDF]
Work in Progress Using Cognitive Dimensions Questionnaire to Evaluate the Usability of Security APIs Chamila Wijayarathna; Nalin A.G. Arachchilage; Jill Slay [PDF]