PPIG Student Workshop 1996

27 Sep 1996 to 29 Sep 1996
Loughborough University of Technology

Workshop papers

Type Title Authors
Work in Progress A Pragmatic View of Software Design Activities and the Implications for Tool Support Georgios P. Iliadis
Work in Progress Automated software understanding and its application to tutoring novices Diana Bental
Work in Progress Building Program Metaphors Damien Ploix
Work in Progress Chasing the Intuition of an Industry: Can Pictures Really Help Us Think? Alan F. Blackwell
Work in Progress Cognitive Dimensions of NOPS: An Environment for Object-Oriented Learning Mark Ireland
Work in Progress Design Strategies in Concurrent Programming Charles W. Kann
Work in Progress Gaining Acceptance of Software Whole Life Cost by IT Staff Malcolm Bradley
Work in Progress Hidden Contexts in Object-Oriented Diagrams: Does familiarity breed contempt? Ron Newsham
Work in Progress Languages and Paradigms - Some Topics to Discuss Andreas Harnack
Work in Progress Non-Visual Visual Programming: Graphical Programming for Blind Programmers David Bennett
Work in Progress Pictorial Aids in Computer Use Raquel Navarro-Priero
Work in Progress Sex and Violence Tony Clarke
Work in Progress Spreadsheets and Programming Dominic Gehring
Work in Progress Student modelling: some issues, some answers, but even more questions Pat Fung
Work in Progress Teaching C Pointers to Novice Programmers using an ITS: An Empirical Study Bunny J. Tjaden
Work in Progress The Visualization of Genetic Algorithms - Design Survey Trevor Collins
Work in Progress Which way up is your editor? Gada Kadoda